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Sub Floor Ventilation & Under Floor Ventilation

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Why Your Home Needs Sub Floor Ventilation

To ensure a healthy home, under floor ventilation is essential. GES are the solar sub floor ventilation specialists. Our powerful sub floor ventilation fans could save you thousands of dollars in repairs (if installed in time) to prevent irreversible damage caused by high moisture levels in the under floor area.

Solar Whiz Sub Floor Fans are recommended for addressing a large range of issues:

  • Fungi
  • Mould
  • Mildew
  • Condensation
  • Rotting stumps
  • A damp sub-floor
  • Buckling or rotting floor boards
  • Reducing the risk of white ants, termites and borers

Pest Control experts state that “in cases of poor sub floor ventilation, condensation builds up. This allows flooring timbers to gain moisture, increasing the risk of wood decay rot and a build-up of fungi and mould growth.” To reduce or prevent mould, termites and damp sub floors, you need under floor ventilation.

Sub Floor Fans & Under Floor Ventilation – How Does it Work?

To prevent damage due to lack of ventilation in the sub floor area – a great option is to install a Solar Whiz Sub Floor Fan unit. This extracts hot, moist air from the under floor and replaces it with fresh, dry, air via wall vents strategically placed around the building keeping your sub floor well ventilated.

Solar fans have multiple advantages over the traditional mains powered and timer operated systems when used for sub floor ventilation. Solar Whiz sub floor ventilation provides efficient, cost effective and sustainable under floor ventilation solutions without any running costs.

However, the main reason for using solar powered fans for sub floor ventilation, is the fact that the fan only runs when the sun is out. This means that the replacement air coming into the sub floor will have a relatively low moisture content. That’s why solar under floor ventilation is significantly more effective than timer operated fans – which may result in increased moisture levels in the sub floor area by introducing humid air during wet weather.

Is Sub Floor Ventilation Right for my Home?

Effective sub floor ventilation is generally the best place to start addressing the above issues; although it may not always address all your problems relating to your needs for addressing damp sub floor or condensation problems. If you don’t have a sub floor area – alternative methods for addressing these issues may be required to improve the indoor air quality. GES offers Solar Air Modules (SAM) that effectively reduces dust mite allergies and mould problems in colder climates.

The range Solar Whiz sub floor fans – although solar powered – are generally more powerful and have higher air displacement capacity than mains powered fans. If solar access isn’t available in your home – you may power Solar Whiz fans by plugging a 12 volt power pack into a 24 volt power point. If you have problems with humidity control and roof ventilation in warmer weather Solar Whiz may be the answer you are looking for.

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