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Solar Ventilation

Sustainable Sub-Floor Ventilation, Roof Space Ventilation & Home Heating with GES Products


Solar Ventilation

For all your Sub-Floor Ventilation, or Roof Ventilation, or Home Heating needs.

sub floor ventilator unit by Solar Whiz roof ventilator by Solar Whiz solar heater by solar air module

Global Eco & Environmental Solutions

GES has been committed to keeping homes & businesses cool & well-ventilated since 2005. Our mission is simple: Provide powerful & competitive ventilation, and meet customers’ needs.

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SW – Roof Ventilation

Solar Whiz is a powerful residential & commercial solar roof ventilator designed to keep interior spaces cooler, and roof spaces fresher & drier.

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Solar Whiz sub-floor ventilation        

SUB – Underfloor Ventilation

Sub-Floor Ventilation with Solar Whiz provides a constant flow of clean, cool replacement air into your underfloor space, helping to prevent timber rot & moisture issues.

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Solar heating system on pergola        

SAM – Fresh Air & Solar Heating

Solar Air Module (SAM) is a modular home heating system that draws fresh, pre-heated air into your home as early as 9AM. It’s perfect for reducing heating expenses.

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Why Solar Ventilation?

GES offer over 17 years of experience in the Solar industry. Our products all offer high-power solar ventilation, both heating and cooling. If you’re a fan of healthy indoor environments, GES can help you maintain a better indoor climate.

Our ventilators offer competitive results, years of testing & refined airflow potential. We specialize in the extraction of heat and moisture, as well as combat issues such as roof or underfloor mildew, mould, timber rot or mustiness.

Solar-powered ventilators are a practical solution. Australia is bathed in sunlight throughout the year.

This gives Solar Whiz & SAM almost limitless potential to keep your home or business comfortable.

Whirlybirds suck. Relying on ambient-powered ventilators can’t give you reliable cooling.

Whirlybirds only offer the limited potential of 100m³/h—where Solar Ventilators can offer up to 700m³/h to 10,000m³/h!

See our work!

We’ve serviced homes right across Australia for their solar ventilation needs. Check out some of our handiwork on the pictures below!


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:


“Solar Whiz, what a difference it has made to our home. At temperatures of 34-38°C degrees outside we do not need the air conditioner at all!

Even the recent heat wave of 42-48°C degrees we only needed the air conditioner on for approximately an hour in the afternoon. The Solar Whiz was so easy to install. Thank you!”
P & JJ Cassidy

Werris Creek, NSW

Solar Whiz unit

“The SAM system meets our needs. The effect of this is the ambient temperature in the house reaches 20°C, keeping the home warm for long periods of time.

[…] we have reduced our reliance on fossil fuel heating sources between 60% to 80%, depending on the weather conditions.”
Michael Matuschka

Ulladulla, NSW

SAM logo

“We discovered very quickly that all our outdoor gear, including tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks and boots, was being attacked by mildew.

[Sub Floor Ventilation] has worked very well, keeping the basement area warm and mould-free and protecting our equipment very effectively.”
John & Gillian Wilde

South Coast, NSW

Solar Ventilation – Solar Sub Floor, Heating, and Roof Ventilation

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