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Reduce or Prevent Mould & Dampness

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Mouldy shoes in wardrobePrevent Mould and Moisture – the Enemies of a Healthy Home

If you want to stop condensation, reduce moisture levels and prevent mould, humidity control is essential—according to the EPA. Solar air ventilation will also assist you in asthma management by reducing dust mite levels. Have a look at this link for suggestions for humidity control, how to reduce or stop condensation as well as background information, which will assist you with mould prevention.


Prevent Mould, Mildew & Mustiness With SAM

In recent times, many new houses are designed to ensure fresh indoor air quality by ventilation through air ducts. However, those houses that are not regularly used (e.g. holiday houses) will oftenWindow Fram Which Has Mould suffer from dampness resulting in mould, mildew and moisture problems. Holiday homes are often exposed to relatively low temperatures and with closed windows and doors, there is little opportunity to introduce fresh air. Typically this results in increased moisture levels, stale air and a musty odour—the ideal breeding ground for dust mites. Many homeowners have realised that in order to prevent mould the solar heater SAM (Solar Air Module) can solve the problem of excessive moisture and dampness without any operating costs. In warmer weather, the Solar Whiz is the ideal solution to prevent mould and ventilate holiday homes and units keeping them fresh and attractive.

Reduce Condensation on Windows & Walls

Moisture reduction occurs even during periods when sunlight is scarce. Once the SAM system has been in operation for some time, the overall moisture content is lowered and a reduction of condensation will be noticed on windows, walls and furniture. If you are in a tropical or sub-tropical climate you may also like to have a look at our Solar Whiz range. A Solar Whiz combined with ceiling vents will ventilate house the house whenever the sun shines and reduces the risk of mould and mildew—keeping the house fresh and free of musty smells—without any running cost. Watch the Solar Whiz animations to see an illustration of how it works. 

Any asthma sufferer or family member with asthma symptoms will know that the best way to address asthma triggered by dust mites, mould or mildew is to ventilate the area and/or heat it. SAM does both and is therefore an extremely effective way to prevent mould and address asthma and it costs nothing to operate!

Solar Dehumidifiers for Homes

If you’re looking for a system that can dehumidify effectively without high energy costs look at the SAM. To learn more about these systems visit our site on solar heating.


How, Why & When Mould Establishes ItselfHigh Moisture Cause Pain Flaking

If you would like to read more about how, why and when mould establishes itself and what preemptive measures can be taken – have a look at this web page, which outlines the relationship between humidity, moisture, condensation and fungi such as mould and how ventilating with dry air effectively addresses these issues.


Sub-Floor Ventilation for Homes

Interested in protecting your home’s sub-flooring? Sub floor ventilation aids in warding off the growth of mould, fungi, and rot in the structure of your home.