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Exhaust Fans – Extractor Fans

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Solar Exhaust Fans for Effective Heat Extraction

SW unit - editedGES introduced the Solar Whiz extractor fans for heat extraction back in 2010. Our solar extractor fans are very effective as exhaust fans for roof ventilation, as well as any other heat extraction application.

Installing a solar extraction fan is the simplest and most cost-effective way to remove warm air from the home.

Solar extraction fans may also be used as commercial exhaust fans – or for agricultural applications such as a barn or stable ventilation – and even poultry ventilation.

Solar Extractor Fans & Extraction FansGerald Stapley SW install (1)

The most common use of our solar extractor fans is roof exhaust fans. Roof ventilation reduces the temperature in the roof space because an extraction fan removes the hot air from the roof space and replaces it with cooler air. There are many benefits that come with a solar roof-powered fan, as listed on the Renewable Energy Corporation website.

The cooler replacement air is supplied either via openings into the roof space or more commonly through eave vents, ceiling vents or passive roof vents. For more on how roof ventilation works check out this article on Home Tips.

Roof Exhaust Fans & Solar Exhaust Fans

It is essential that the solar exhaust fan has plenty of replacement air available so that it can work effectively. SW-AU-R-15 unitSolar extractor fans provide the perfect home cooling solutions for a wide range of applications, including commercial ventilation with commercial exhaust fans or for agricultural applications including solar poultry ventilation and stable ventilation.

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