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Solar Heating Systems

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Solar Heating in Australia

The Solar Air Module (SAM) is essential in any home solar heating system. SAM contributes heat to your home and helps to reduce your heating costs, resulting in a more energy-efficient home. The SAM comes in a modular system, which means that you can add and remove modules however you see fit! Not only does the SAM increase heat in your home; but it also reduces the amount of moisture and condensation which accumulates in the house by introducing warm, dry air into the house. This feature also assists in reducing dust and asthma symptoms.

Some of the key benefits of using the SAM solar heating unit are:

The Solar Air Module is available throughout Australia via our dealers.

Solar Air Module System

Moruya Medical Centre SAM system

One of the best benefits of the SAM solar heating system is that the system is modular. This means that whatever the nature of your home and rooms you would like to heat using the SAM, it can provide an effective solution. SAM is easy to install and units can be added or removed from the system to better suit your heat contribution needs. You can also have 2 sets of systems set up throughout your house depending on what you require.

The best place to have the solar air heater placed is in areas that are used the most, such as lounge rooms and kitchens. Keeping doors open between rooms allows heat to flow throughout the home.

The SAM system also comes with the option to install it yourself. This means that whether you’re handy with tools or you would rather get someone else to install the system for you, there’s always an answer!

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